Who Is Bill Tucker?

I have 20 years professional experience building interactive websites.
I have almost 30 Years in marketing and advertising.
With 40 years in Electronics and Computer Engineering.
I have found myself uniquely positioned with the perfect combination of marketing and engineering.

I am an Expert at Online Interactive Scripting.
HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, Perl, others.
In the past i have lots of experience developing with  Assembly – MASM,
Quick basic, Visual Basic, C++ - Turbo C, ...

Linux, UNIX, Windows
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere
Windows movies, RealPlayer movies,
QuickTime movies, Flash applications and movies.

Years of Shopping Cart experience.

From a small budget website, to full shopping cart,
payment gateway solutions and every level in between.

Building the tools that make it all go.

I now have a online document manager similar to a Send this file service.
Allowing all of the cool online Document Management for your online clients.

Cool, original stuff.

My take on Google Maps.

A hobby site I built ...
A couple of the client sites I built 2019 ...

Here is an interesting project..
Full Content Management & Delivery System.
Menu editing, Article and Page editing, with a click, add a picture to a slide show.
Getting your ideas deployed as a webpage in the least amount of time.
Deploy a page with menu item, photo, article, just a handful of clicks.
It has full online content controls for everything.
Menus, Sidebars, Content Areas, and Seasonal Stuff.
Everything from YouTube vids, to pre-sizing photo uploads to
producing the correct size images for the content areas.

Here is a new tool I recently designed.
The Reservation Desk.
Full featured Reservation Requests, Paypal and payment gateway solution.
All original ...

Having a Killer Website is about Content and Tools.
To place high in the search returns, you need a couple of things.
The first is content, Fresh, Relevant Content.
The second, a website that is built using SEO and Marketing Knowledge.
A knowledge only gained through years of practice.
Clean, functional, interesting pages, presenting your products and services.
A website that is easy to maintain and functional for non-technical staff to operate.

I am an Expert at Online Interactive Scripting.
HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Perl, MySQL
Other languages, Assembly – MS Macro Assembler,
C++ - Turbo C, Quick basic
UNIX and Windows
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere
NTSC Broadcast
Windows movies, RealPlayer movies,
QuickTime movies, Flash applications and movies.

I have been maintaining and developing Database applications since the early 80s,
DBase and later Foxpro, Access and MySQL.
On Novell, Unix and Windows.
As an engineer, I always make square corners and
implementing Graphic Art is the easy part.

I have a complete understanding of SEO and getting to the top of Google.
Understanding Keywords, Descriptions and Content is not hard, it just takes practice.
The good news about SEO is that most Webmasters have not got a clue.
Positioning on Keyword Searches takes time to find what people are looking
for and how to get them to come to you.

Nothing more than a development website and proving ground to build tools. Grand Lake Links gets too many requests to purchase ad space to take it off line. :)

I designed all of these things, the "Are You Human" CAPTCHA
The Shoutbox/Guestbook that is on lots of my projects.
Homepage Edit tool to make a rotation of edited news items.

I have been building interactive websites since 1999.
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, Perl, ...
In the past I had a lot of experience developing with Assembly Language, MASM,
Quick basic, and then later, VB, C++ ...
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Windows movies,
Flash, Actionscripts and more.
Here are some things I designed.
Checkout my new VoiceMail system.
It has VoiceCast, Voice Reviews, Voice Emails ...
Listen or Record one with a couple of clicks.
Let me know what you think, I just developed this set of tools. :)
* The Server does NOT require any special media software to be installed.
No Red5, No Wowza or any of the other roadblocks to getting the job done.


My latest Google Maps interface, and my NEW Voice Reviews.
and Voice Blogging ... :)

You have got to check this out, it is cool ...
Pensacola Dam


Here is one of my projects, it is my CMS, of my own design,
It was just a research bed from quite a few years ago.
It does everything, even the images for the menus are generated in the admin.
In five minutes, log in from any computer with Internet Access,
write a story, upload images and videos, make new menu images, all from the admin area.
Supports a lot of media types ..
I built this from scratch a few years ago.

The CMS creates pages like these.
A memory or 2, from a video I made for dial-up, over a dozen years ago.

Here is my custom designed YouTube Video Player.

See what I see.

Years of Shopping Cart experience. osCommerce over 2 dozen sites
developing error traping and tools, ..
A dozen or so Zen Cart installs and developments.
And years past a few AgoraCarts using Perl ...

I have 20 Years in marketing and advertising.
With 30 years in Electronics and Computer Engineering.
I have found myself uniquely positioned with the perfect combination of marketing and engineering.

I have also taken a few courses at the College and the University
to see what the kids are learning these days, JavaScript, Internet Security,
Internet Laws and Ethics ...


Pick a pretty picture of what you would like your website to look like ...
I can make it do anything you can imagine.


My Event Map ... A Real Hit. :)

Summer Time it is full of events.
You need this ... It is fun and easy to use.
My Event map is easy, public posting or admin only.

Check this out, It is very comprehensive.

My Search Engine I built 10 years ago

The development of a website consists of a lot of things. Many of these
details, things, are not always clear when we start out.

One of my jobs is to learn all I can about your business or project.
It is my job to make you look good. With your input, and a clear focus
on your goals and needs, we can make it happen.

From a small budget website, to full shopping cart,
payment gateway solutions and every level in between.

I would be interested in some of your details.

Give me a call or Email me and I would be pleased to
get together and discuss your idea, project or opportunity.

Thanks for your time ...

Boxcars of Javascript tools on pages everywhere.
The Grand Lake Links Search Engine,
This engine takes a link or batch of links input and will retrieve the
image thumbnail, links and data from website. Feeding
the data into a database with a 2 pass compiler to build a dictionary.

My Take on Google Maps, I designed all of this connecting to the Google Maps API.
Lots of javascript and server side tools to record and manage user input locations and data.
The tool creates and manages pin locations and the links.
The first of these 3 links is the main Grand Lake Map.
The second is the locations of each link showing the exact location with automatic shoutbox and rating tools.
The third is the place visitors add their map pin and details.

1. http://www.grandlakelinks.com/GrandLakeMap.shtml

2. http://www.grandlakelinks.com/TheLocation.shtml?36.5740431909&-94.8183631897&0&Har-Ber_Village

3. http://www.grandlakelinks.com/MapLocation.shtml

The Grand Lake Links Search Engine,
has now been connected to the Grand Lake Links Maps.
The map location is easy to add for any link shown in the search engine.
And once added, it is easy for visitors to locate any one in the search engine.
My take on the Google Maps is really something. It will work with any of my new
client sites. It is really something.

I developed 3 Content Management Systems. CMS.
The last is a really cool online edit tool for active websites
with changing data used to keep text and images fresh. Really Cool.
Check with me for details, it is expansive in context and small, portable and flexible in use.
A full shopping cart interface to the PayPal free accounts and virtual checkout.
This is the answer to the cost issue for small business. A OnLine checkout
that does not cost 30-100 dollars a month.
On and on and on,, tools for client websites including membership tools,
Newsletter tools, lots of really cool things like voting booths, rating systems,
photo upload tools. On and On and On ...
The Horoscopes are retrieved and formatted from a rare astrologer's text file.

The Weather Station is a total design outputting the Weather Button, with
temperature and conditions it's really cool.
And a Standalone Weather Station for any US location.

Have your own weather station like this by adding the code located on the bottom of this page:

If you have Any content, I can produce what you want.

See some of my projects.
http://www.fatsheriff.com content management of my own design.
Many more projects and lots of tools.

My Search Engine:
Yep.. i wrote a comprehensive niche search engine.

Remember, Flashy is important, but content and what is Under The Hood that counts.

I just finished up a job repairing half a dozen broken PHP/MySQL shopping carts and
developing error trapping and management of said errors.

Very time sensitive project, I was there 8-5, 5 days a week working lunch for 6 months.
There is around 30 websites pointing at the 5 shopping carts.
Thousands of details over 5 plus years of amateur developers creating a situation where
1/2 to 2/3 of all on-line sales were failing at checkout and the management did not realize
this until last fall. The shopping carts are fixed and working like a champ. Whew !
We are spiking sales and off and running!
Good Hearted People,.,
They have plans for developing a comprehensive management system for accounting
and database management.

With my digital DSLR I can produce content as needed.
I would be interested in some of your details.
Give me a call or Email me and I would be pleased to discuss your opportunity.

Bill Tucker

Please Call 918.791.1842
or Contact me here:


Since early 2000 I have been Building Websites, producing videos and doing General Computer Support for a group of clients in the Grand Lake area. Computer Repairs on Networks, POS, Computers, Monitors and Laptops. From Print Media to Broadcast, Internet SEO, Photo Production, Signage and Flyers, Promotional Videos, Internet Videos, Production and Posting.

I was working in North Dallas in 2000, in Aubrey and Pilot Point, Texas making Promotional Videos for Show Horses. Not many professionals were there giving them real quality video production. The client said he wanted to produce a Internet promotion for their stallion. I had a little technical experience using some
Adobe tools creating websitesm, so ...
We more than doubled their breedings with our Internet Promotion.
Using the Internet they went from about 75 shipped semen to over 175.
I could not help but follow the money,

We produced some real fine television and the Internet was a real new place for marketing and advertising.
We knocked it out of the park. The internet has been my main focus since that moment.
In order to become a internet expert has actually been way harder than it was to become an Electronics Expert,
Develop Software for the PC and other technical things that i have done.

The amount of information required to be called an Internet Expert is staggering.

Island Productions 1994-2000
Responsibilities included Production & Posting a weekly Television Show.
Gene Percy Outdoors... 3 local stations and The Outdoor Channel and The Family Channel.
Some other Video Production clients include Sherman & Reily, Shangri-La, The Bear's Den, Nature's Furnace and more.
Broadcast, Industrials, Commercials & other video projects from production to post.
Scripting, Image Development, Editing, etc... Setup & Operation of Dual Pentium Editing System... NT Operating system... DPS Perception, Beta-SP Editor, Beta-SP & DCVPRO Camcorders, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects, Sound Forge, etc...

Terry and I were partners in Island Productions.
We produced Local, National and Promotional Television and Videos. Terry Davis has a very good understanding
and years of experience of Production and Posting.
We worked round the clock and produced boxcars of television. I worked with Terry for almost 6 years.
I am very, very good at Video Production and Posting.
I know all of the details. We used such software packages that included Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, on
and on,, it was cutting edge technology, and we were good at it.
By the nature of understanding all of the technology,
I had a lot of legs up on people, in this area.

US Computer Hospitals
1992 - 1994
Responsibilities included Component Level Repair and upgrades of Laptops and systems.
I also produced Software for my clients and US Computer Hospitals, using Assembly Language, QB,
and FoxPro Solutions.
On Site Installation and Repair of Networks and Systems to include Novell, NT, Workgroups. Customer Training and Technical Consulting.

Brent Morrison Owner, Tulsa Area


Electronics Services of Tulsa
Responsibilities included Component Level Repair of Camcorders, Cameras, VTRs. Service Manager & Technical Consultant. In 1985 Electronics Services of Tulsa installed a Network with 20+ works stations, running on NOVELL and using DATAFLEX....
Jon Bailey Owner, Jon is gone.

Video Revolution
Responsibilities included Management of Repair Center, the Technicians. Component Level Repair of VCRs & Camcorders.
Set up a Targa 16, decks and controllers. We made some commercials and industrial videos and Man, it was fun!
Also at Video Revolution I developed a few Software Applications for the pc.
As well as Technical consultant.
Ron Witmer - Owner: 71st & Lewis, Tulsa

Electronics Services of Tulsa
Responsibilities included Component Level Repair of Camcorders, Cameras, VTRs. Service Manager & Technical Consultant. In 1985 Electronics Services of Tulsa installed a Network with 20+ works stations, running on NOVELL and using DATAFLEX....
There was a lot of money in fixing camcorders.
This was an industry that did not have anyone that could actually do circuit analysis of the new vcr and camera circuits.

Jon Bailey Owner
I worked at Electronics Services twice.

Early on I realized the VCR/Camcorder money would soon be gone.
It turns out that by 1990 the consumer electronic service industry was in a total collapse.
I started Developing software full time for the IBM platform.
Writing programs and applications for clients writing mostly in Microsoft's Macro Assembler, using Quick Basic and
C++ for different applications that existed.
Assembly Language for product development and Nano Micro Technologies of the era.
Spent a little time here then the actual software applications without need for hardware other than the home computer became so prevalent.
had to do it. 1985

The Phonograph LTD
Electronics Technician / Service Manager
Responsibilities included Service Manager, and Management of Service Center.
Custom Design & Install Hi-End Media & Control Systems in Upscale Customers only.
I designed many electronic devices to repair or augment the limited IR tools available back then.
Designing electronic hardware for Remote Controls, Remote indicators, Remote Sensors.
Component Level Repair of many Hi-End Brands ... Amps, Tuners, Receivers, Decks, Recorders, etc...

Caribbean Technical Services
Satellite Systems..
7 & 11 Meter Microdyne and Harris antennas

Building things that i needed to get the jobs done.
Along with general electronic services like repair, install, and design.
One client had a Proton Gradient Magnetometer used for searching the ocean depths for sunken treasure.

It was a real adventure ...
St. Kitts

Circle Data / Gordon Holmes Systems
Responsibilities included Bench Service of VT-100's, LA-36's, LA-100's, a variety of Terminals, Modems & Disk Drives. DEC, TI, WANG, etc,, etc... We operated the TRT lines in NE & Central Okla. We developed hardware solutions for expensive software problems... On one project we interfaced, PDP 11/34 with twin Kennedy tape drives to work in parallel with the existing storage medium. We provided service and Up-Grades to many Tulsa area VAX systems and others.

We built many devices for our clients.. small to large.
I have always built the devices and the software to run them, that my clients needed.

Gordon Holmes Owner,, Tulsa - Broken Arrow area

Spartan College of Aeronautics
Responsibilities included Instructing students in Lab & Theory.
I had a Classroom and a Lab for extensive experiments and projects.
These Students had already been through basic electronics so I started with the PN Junction.
I instructed the students on the Diode, Transistor Theory, BJTs, FETs, MOS & IG. and other devices...
Circuit Analysis...
Power supplies, Amplifiers, Transmitters, Receivers,
The Integrated Circuit... OP-Amps... Digital Circuits...

I helped with the development of Spartan's First Computer and Digital Electronics Course.
We were using the Motorola 6502 and had way too much fun building things.
We developed what was Spartan's first comprehensive digital computer course.

All of the hardware and software to develop operating computers.
From the chips up.

Man, those were the days!

Bill Browning was Department Head at the time.

The United States Navy
HS-15 - NAS Jax
Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 15
Sea Air Rescue & Anti-Submarine Warfare.

Remember, Perception is Everything, Flashy is fine, but
content and what is Under The Hood, is what counts.

Call 918.791.1842

Thanks for your time.


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